Kirsty Perry

I have been looking for a completely natural skincare solution and after using The Oil Cleansing Company products for a few months I have noticed a huge improvement on my skin. I barely need to wear makeup anymore! I love it and would highly recommend this to everyone.

Anna Weeks

When asked if I would test this product I was fairly skeptical as I struggle with very oily skin.... in fact the first thing I said was, 'but my skin is oily, wont oil just make it worse?!' Turns out it doesn't! I am SUPER happy with the results! My skin is now balanced, in much better condition and is NO LONGER OILY! I have less breakouts now and when I do get them my skin clears up so much faster. I love that it's completely natural and can be used on the whole family. I won't claim that it's a miracle cure, because as these guys teach, there are many other aspects that affect our skin, BUT it's got you covered from the outside, and for me it's been a big step towards natural, balanced skin, and now, an absolute must have.

El Mulins

I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving your products! Before oil cleansing my skin was so dry, flaking and sore. It got to the point that I didn't want to even leave the house. I have got amazing results from using The Oil Cleansing Company products my skin has improved immensely! It's so soft and clear. I'm so happy, I'm starting to get my confidence back!! Thank you so much for recommending this!